This is very challenging to live in this much fear. There are millions of people now afraid for their own life. Wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing and washing and following the news and waiting for the vaccine.

Fear of dying and suffering is more than ever in human history visible and tangible on Earth. our planet is infested with a killing disease and by now I am certain the whole cosmos knows of our problem. I want to tell you that the universe is comprised of good and evil and in-between. Therefore there are sentient beings that send us good energy and wish us well on Earth as we make it through this very scary pandemic.

The fear of death brings up a lot for people about their life and about their regrets, things they wish they did, hopes, things they wish they might do, and reflections about the lives we lived. The problem of our situation is not only health related it is also related to the problem of economy and such a pandemic has stoped out planet and global economy for long enough to notice fearful effects of volatile markets. There are those who are more afraid of losing their money then their health and there are those who are afraid of losing their health more than money.

Fear. We are in fear. Everyone is facing this. Our planet is eminating fear into the universe.

How do we deal with fear?

There are several ancient practices that help to deal with fear. Fear is separation. We are afraid to be separate from the health, people we love, and money and other things. This experience of fearing creates different thought patterns and as a result it makes people reflect in a new way. It may have detrimental effects on people and it may have positive effects on people. Fear moves people to act, to group together and to reflect.

Chöd is a Tibetan practice to help overcome fear, there are other practices in ancient Asia, I like Chöd because I am very familiar with it. It works.

This year coronavirus will end.

This bug is on its way out, and we are now beginning to face the period of reflecting about the effects that this grand fear had on us and our planet. We will be reflecting for a number of years, there are prognosis made, not all are correct. I do not forsee a global doom, I belive we will recover in a timely manner.

Toronto is in phase 3 and it will continue to improve. Restaurants re open and mostly masked people walk around resuming their normal lives. Here you can read WHO August report.

This is profound death that the world has witnessed again. This is a huge global event of pain and suffering that we have all shared in, we can only compare it to other huge plagues we had in history.

Other plagues in history.

World’s Epidemics.

Religious leaders are praying and practicing for the benefit of the world.

For example in case you have not seen it yet. My Beloved Karmapa offered 7 long days of prayers to help alleviate the pandemic. I think he is doing well. He is giving an interesting Tibetan perspective on this pandemic.

Prayers for aspirations for the world