immaturity maybe? [Poem]

Unknown or unspecified person you aren’t

we know who you are, a very mean person.

perhaps an agnostic joker would be a fitting title.

sadness is good for evil people to feel, 

and the good ones feel it too, 

much less, and sadly they do. 

Pretending to be everyone, please, stop doing that.

Do not try when you know it will not work out.

There is very little hope for the wicked 

it is available somewhere else, once the dues are paid

not where you the agnostic joker did damage.

Cash money or Pizza Nova, 

what it is going to be for you today?

Did you want it that way 

for someone else?

Are you a scrab?

Are you a fool?

If I blame you the agnostic joker,

then everything is right with my family,

there is truth in that.

God help us all, if the 80s are coming back

We didn’t have Covid19 for it to come back. 

We need to be moving cleanly in a new direction.

Phew and globally, it is quite simple fact, 

like my man says, it is simple, very simple, 

do not complicate simplicity. 

no need.

bye bye