The Big Magic is rolling in

This is Toronto, yonge Street north is buzzing with traffic, I honestly cannot tell if it is busier or not or maybe slower? It looks the same to me.

It is depressing and scary as happy poppy songs on the radio on a restaurant patio are playing. Dear God to read and think of more than half a million dead people due to pandemic. And here we are sitting, trying to social distance with happy music, with our masks, lifting them for each bite, or sliding them down under our chin. We are walking around and learning what it is like to live from behind a mask, a scarf, a face covering, a wrap, a bandana, and colourful, playful and plane, dark and surgical, asian or african, we are covering our faces and some of us get to make few more faces under our masks. We are pushing on eachother with fear at restaurants and in public, not too close, not uncovered, not unsanitized. Afraid, unsure and doing what we need to do work, and to resume our life. Everyone is discussing coughing and if you get a couch from a cold drink or too much heat we all feel too snesitive to sneeze and cough on alert and scared of coronavirus and what it means to us all.

We wonder what this planet is going through with us all on it and how we are going to be moving forward. No seats around, many things still closed. Online life is booming and communication lies are working more than before. This is an intense global experince and I think still compared to the wars we had this way in which we are all under the virus’ power it is soften and easier in some ways, than watching people killing eachother with guns and knives. I want to belie that everyone on earth is looking to live in peace and harmony and to be creating wellness.

Some big magic is needed. A fresh perspective, environment is recovering and I do remember the turtles that emerged on a shore somewhere on our green planet during this pandemic lock down, we have not seen these turtles in quite sometimes, and here we weren’t traveling and polluting environment and nature decided to revitalize. The squirels in the backyard apear to be more relaxed since most of the last few months everyone is indoors. We all need to slow down and revitalize in may ways. Use the powerful reflections of the pandemic and what is happening to construct lives of meaning nad value to help eahother and awaken while maintaining harmony with the planet and other inhabitants. It is a strong reminder to us all of how things were not working so well. Polution, species extinct, water shortages.

I want to believe the whole world is praying for something better for us all. Evaluating what is neccessary in our lives and how to live with many and opening our doors to others while we make an effort not to make Gaia mad.

Image from unsplash by Jeremy Bishop