Constant Craving [Poem]

How are you going to love anyone if you cannot love yourself.

Craving all the time
for the next high thing
new thing
bright thing
all things I like

Vajrasattva Samaya Manu Pala Ya

twisting truth
dressing up lies in better clothing
while the pain is still visible
and needing to be seen as important
denying suffering

Vajrasattva Samaya Manu Pala Ya

Hungry for all wants,
unaware of unhappiness
and the likes being wrong
forms of happiness.
looking for the outside
to be showing up better,
while the inside is till rotten

Vajrasattva Samaya Manu Pala Ya

Rejecting the negative
dark feelings and experiences
feelings may give us
a wrong direction in life,
if we don’t know and desire
the things that are good for us.

Vajrasattva Samaya Manu Pala Ya,

Learn the difference between wrong and right
so you can learn to love someone.