Words in the family [Poem]

They matter a lot, secrets and truths spoken to us.

Words of promises and words of what will be in the distant time.

Words, they matter and they can bring healing and they can comfort

and they need to be used with care and good intent.

Where are these words today?, 

These words were intended truth and promise of better future for children

These children now have grown into adults.

Where are the fruits of what you promised? 

The fruits of my trust & love in how you choose to weave your life?

I look into my eyes in the mirror with honesty and I know that violence and lies do not work. Did you lie? Whatever power you think of? When you certainly assure your words with violence, it is a painful living for us all.

Degradation has no room in my heart. 

Where is your integrity towards your family? Where is your love and sense of truth?

Why do you hide behind lies and violence?

Where is your conscious?

Do the words in the family matter to you?