Senseless waste [Poem]

I care people aren’t senseless in this world. Tulkudawa is very good at helping people overcome senselessness. Senselessness has a flavour of a sewage, unclean, rarely necessary, mostly there silently demanding with its stench the need to be cleaned, repulses and scares people. Senseless people know they are senseless, unless they are mentally ill and lost their faculties. In normal existence people don’t just lose their faculties, someone deliberately senseless does bad things consciously to hurt and disconnect from what is essential and what is love. Money doesn’t make people clean, it adds to some people’s problems of living senseless. Pure water makes body better increasing vitality, along with great ease and comfort, sumptuous environment and much more. Manipulative, twisted garbage we cannot make it into a beautiful Oscar the garbage monster puppet from Sesame Street. Stench is stench, it needs to be cleaned. Senselessness must be banned in society.