a puppet [Poem]

If you ever feel that your life is on a string,
with something/someone pulling it.
Be alert, find out just what is
trying to pull you and in what direction,
and for what reason,
other than love you will become a puppet.

A puppet on a string,
swaying left to right, up and down
and banged up all over the place,
drifting without answers,
unable to examine your experience,
untrusting, unable to do anything you want,
wondering what wild ride you are on.
without a loving master
without associations
without a break
in pain and alone
in and out of a box, without your own power

In the interdependent and interconnected, karmic existance
there are no puppets, only people
human lives, hearts, journeys, experinces
weaving the galactic tapestry together
getting rid off the ugly dark snags
it is good as a woman to weave with other women
who care in the heart.