No war, peace [Poem]

the first case of illness in USA east coast reported on February 1st.
Today listening to cries in New York, Boston, and East coast
feelings of heartbreak, terrifying, mass burials, chaotic and overwhelming
isolated and distanced, resonating in peace and sensing the future
when this all will be over.

I turn to the apple tv to watch an old movie
Jeff Bridges and George Clooney letting people go free
LSD in the water
No war, peace
do you remember this film?

Love and astonishment with all things living is what we need now
Saving the Earth and all sentient beings.
I hear the lyrics to the song ‘more than a feeling’
and clearly admire the power of healing
now in this world, so much healing is needed, and prayers from all who desire a future connected with this planet and harmonious living in a community.

For the times are changing and new thinking is needed.
We are still working out whether we want to be killing each other
with our minds, and it is depressing as its already 21s century.
sitting and waiting while isolating and virtually connecting,
living in hope of a good future
and in trust that God is watching.


Film mentioned: Men who stare at goats, 2009, director Grant Heslov

Photo by Randall Hop from FreeImages