Earth Day 2019

Coronavirus is deadly and dangerous and I am happy for the people who have escaped and are escaping with their lives intact. I worked as a nurse in Alberta during the 2004 CA-MRSA outbreak. It is scary for medical professionals and for patients to be in an outbreak. I was registered with college of licensed practical nurses of Alberta and when I ‘retired’ from nursing I was earning $19 and few cents per hour. This did make me feel bad all the time during my career. What am I putting myself into at this low pay? I am practicaly doing the same job as a registered nurse and my pay was half. I couldn’t possibly have quality life, except when I worked many double shifts or tripple shifts, to earn the proper pay, and I must say that on the double shift at $28 and few cents I certainly felt better emotionally. Along the low pay and nursing workload I choose to live on good feelings, feeling worthy and offering good practice and moral support and positivity, feeding my bank account and heart with feeling of good merit. While other people with ‘bullshit jobs’ were earing upwards of $5000/month. From that and my disability I learned to stay away from front line work.

Good hygiene, cleaning properly our common surfaces, no excessive touch, social distancing when necessary are good measures and help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and help to keep us all safe and healthy. Science has proven that washing hands and good hygine and healthy diet are the necessary meansures to keep our health good. It is essential now to be practicing what we know about kindness, compassion, things that make us resilient, nurture us and promote wellbeing. Living amicably within our means and using available resources, asking for help when eneded, looking at creative solutions, maintaining our happy meater high, finding value in stillness, caring about nature, environment, earth.

Our Earth matters. Help earth in the capacity that you are able to help her in.

Reduce Reuse Repair Repurpose Borrow

Care about people and animals. Don’t hurt each other.

Look into the future, what do you want to see?