Tibetan nun [Poem]

This is a future poem, for a woman who is going to enter a monastic life as a nun.

Oh nun so noble and free in your mind
free in the deep trust of the Dharm
free in the deep trust of the Sangha
free in the deep trust of the Buddha
delightful presence of the three jewels.

Your love and worth are reciprocated with your noble family
here everyone is equal in Sangha
here everyone understands clearly
how very precious the Buddha Dharma is to the world

In your features reflecting in the sun and in the lines on your face
I notice the soaking of life’s experience that brought you here,
to this moment as a Tibetan Buddhist nun.

You make gentle prayer beads, and knitting; Tibetan Nun,
with patience, you practice joyful diligence
the pure conduct is part of your life now,
creating artisan projects and donating the funds to worthy causes.

You are an example of soft power
of a longing to transform suffering into wisdom
of enlightened mind.

With many years still left to live,
no loneliness, no enemies, no unnecessary pain
embracing the meaning of love and compassion with an open heart.

I see happiness in sharing valuable time with you Tibetan nun
Over time you are applying your intelligence to the study of the Dharma
in authentically helping other sentient beings
and finding real joy in life.

How noble is your life now as a Tibetan Buddhist nun

Gracious nun you have value,
in your study and in your time
in your contemplation and in your prayer
in your work and in what you bring
with every breath
as you practice

You give us hope for a better life.

A. Sonam Wangmo

Photo: Buddhist Nun Delek Dolma with chattra founder Ann; Dolma Ling Nunnery, Dharamshala, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India.