August warmth [Poem]

The deep blue mirror of the water
soothes the mental anxiety of the day’s sorrows,
softly no wind is breeze while lifting
the fresh still green lost leaves near the lake.

Women walk into the shining lake,
comfortable lifting their dresses
and with ease resting their feet
into the warmth of the water.

The heat remains, warming summer days
into a desire of an Indian summer.
The earth breathes the warmth of the sun
beaches studded with people
grasping for every ray of the light.

Colourful dragonflies with irregular intervals
reveal the spontaneous dream like illusion,
appearing in the heat of the day
their delicate wings shimmer
the blue reflection of the sky and their
defined pattern whirring in the warm air.

It is an agreeable end of the month.
Warmth of the sun touches everyone
flowers are still dancing
and small birds sit on the spindle of a patio chair.

Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo

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