July Update

Mercury begins its retrograde today and my mother is celebrating 64 candles on her cake.

I have a confession to make, since February I have been off and on back to eating meat and it was a strong experience to eat all this death and suffering. No matter how I justify it and how I look at it, vegetarianism is much healthier to all the planet.

I do know how and why ‘I fell off the wagon’ and now I am climbing back on it.

Cheese and Eggs and nuts are my friends again instead of beef and fish and chicken.

I dont support any meat eating theories, I support all the dark reasons why we are not eating plant based food. One of them being, perhaps I was getting sick to the point of needing meat, where 4 eggs a day wasn’t enough. Now that is absolutely not how I am everyday, and this does not signify a vitamin deficiency, only that my body is going through its thing.

Not eating meat is important to me. Plant based diet is important to me in maintaining inner harmony and harmony with all living beings.