LoniAli & her pig [Poem]

LoniAli had no sheep

LoniAli had a little pig

LoniAli wasn’t liked as a girl

Leaving her running around in her head

LoniAli was into no good and

Made friends with all things bad

LoniAli decided to be a stale demon and smell like cheese.

She is a Gargamel of Buddhism and lives on a hill where no one visits and no one cares. She captures women and sticks them in small cells and sends her own demons after them.

LoniAli sits and visits with her demons all day and worries about protecting her hair

Empty is her gloomy face and wherever she looks meanness lands and grasps the human wellness.

LoniAli isn’t liked by anyone anymore and her little pig run away on its own.

LoniAli will always be alone until she understands that there are no demons at all.