What would you do? [Poem]

What would you do
when you woke up one day
feeling what is rightfully yours
the deep pain and suffering that you endured
feeling it fully and being present to embrace your own pain

what would you do,
that joy that comes from knowing that it is thespian of your own life
that you are holding and which is close to you
the memories and passages of time that were endured
in the knowing of impermanence

What would you do
when suddenly this feeling of yours was gone
in an instant
and you were guided into the place of no emotion and no feeling
not Emptiness, only a cold distant land of no affection

What would you do
feeling the welling up of the anger inside of you
for the one who stole your emotional suffering
for the taking of what is yours and what you endured
and trying to replace it with something unauthentic
cold distant and flat with no affection

what would you do
would you yell for your pain
would you call out to the people around you
‘I want to feel what is rightfully mine!’

What would you do
with that stranger who doesn’t know how to love
and only takes you to the land of no affection
and no feelings and no being

offers you suffering in the deep pain
of unfelt loneliness and untouched grief
covers in lies and denial and repression and…

what would you do?
when you want to feel your own life in your own heart
your own living and your own creativity
your own space of normal existence
in the arms of the right lover who isn’t of the same gender

what would you do?

Dr. Wangmo