On a samsaric breath [Poem]

Your terror and fear
is beautiful and holy

Your desire to run away
from samsara
behind a glass wall
it is holy and beautiful

The frantic dance of getting burnt
by the fear of the untouched places
within your heart
it is beautiful and holy

The desire and craving for
the safety within your being
it is holy and beautiful

The clinging to the identity of me
and mine and yours and theirs
mixed with judgements and wrights and wrongs

The pain of the deepest suffering
unheard cries
the fear and the anguish that you felt
it is beautiful and holy

The desire to pass it on
like Jesus did in the garden
it is beautiful my sister and holy

The feeling of lack of strength and inner collapse
and failure and exhaustion with life
it is beautiful and holy

Because we all bear our samsara
it is the human journey of this life
here and now on Earth
It is beautiful and holy

We go through it as many times
as we need to understand
that our journey leads to oneness of humanity

It is our awakening into something different
into the look in one another eyes
and clarity of the human being emerging
from beyond the pain and into the understanding
of samsara and nirvana

The sane and the grounded
the aware and common sense way of living
that honours life and allows for living

It is beautiful and holy
this life of ours.

Dr. Wangmo

Image: Embracing fully the samsara and nirvana of life. Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha.