Generations [Poem]

The times that shift and change
the hours that move and tick
the love that waxes and wanes
all that passes through us all

The culture of babies and toddlers
the culture of teenagers and adolescence
the growing into adulthood
and the flourishing in the love that connects us all.

The passing of all that is unnecessary
the remains of what has happened
the only thing that matters is love
and the kindness must be the focus

While some grow into the caring
and while others remain in the past
the moment is always fresh and present
awake in the culture of love

The kindness and wellness showing up
it isn’t superficial at all
the kind heart and positive intentions
are what continues to evolve the wisdom forward

Generations pass
while the moon waxes and wanes
the care and the positive memories are what must remain.
How do you wish to be remembered?

Learn to relish in the loving presence,
do not disturb the loving kindness
treat all kindness with great care,
this is the karmic interdependence

Each one of us is so precious and kind and loving already.
forget your sorrows,
cast them into emptiness
If you allow yourself to see your own goodness

With ancient grandfather’s compassion
without doubt
ushering the wisdom of ages
this is heart centred and focused kindness

Human actions can create communities
well at the heart, or in pain and suffering
and in the care of compassionate wisdom
Kindness and goodness can flourish

Positive discoveries and insight
pave the way for continuation
of generations; culture of babies,
and into adults with outlook on our humanity.

Dr. Wangmo