What is the best way to get into Buddhism? [Reader Question]

Why some people become Buddhist in this life time and while others don’t has a lot to do with their individual karma. It is important to stress that each major religion has tools to develop and cultivate practices that generate inner happiness. Buddhism is focused on cultivating ‘enlightened mind’ Bodhicitta, and on cultivating inner happiness. Whatever path people chose to take, it means that they will have to do work and practice and develop commitments with themselves (and perhaps their teachers).

A question came in today from ‘cocreatinglife’ on Instagram:

She says: I’d love to get some advice from you. I want to be Buddhist but I am still learning. What’s the best way to get more into it?

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Dear CoCreatingLife,

If you are interested in Buddhism then finding the right teacher is very important. The teacher is like a loving parent who knows how to show us the way.

A teacher is someone you resonate with and have trust in.

It is good that you are learning, as life is a learning process, we can reach a point of mastery with accumulation of certain knowledge yet in practice we get to apply and see how this knowledge works and there are always plenty of opportunities to learn. If you know that you are learning, you will always do well. Learning cultivars openness and broadens the mind.

The best way to get into Buddhism is to realize and deepen the knowing that all of life is suffering. We are all experiencing and have experienced and will experience suffering. This knowing is the core thread of Buddhism & life. You have already had moments of suffering in your life. We suffer because we cling to the illusory thinking of independent ‘I’ separate from everything. This is what we call ignorance.

Knowing and having right motivation to cease suffering, is the beginning of ‘getting into Buddhism

Entire complex Buddhist philosophy and teachings are all about how to cease suffering and generate inner happiness.

Feel free to peruse and read the teachings and articles here on my blog.

Dr. Wangmo