Where water & sky dissolve [Poem]

Sky dressed in grey clouds, the setting sun returning the pink glow reflexion of the rays of light still shining through the darkness of the sky. Weaving luminous wisdom in sacred symbols.

Volcanic rocks from the old molten lava washed brightly into the darkness by the soft blue pristine waters of the ocean. Water so clear and water so blue polishes the blackness of the island’s stone.

The air is clear, the wind so quick she is moving the clouds and stirring the waters shifting the sounds of falling leafs;

Moment rare for me, my eyes embrace the vastness of the ocean surrounding this part of Earth. Comparing the subtle vast sky with the vastness of ocean.

Horizon of blue water moving with the wind and setting sun into what appears to my eyes as an infinity dissolving all lines.

Aware of breath and aware of my own smallness inside grand power of Mother Nature. Being human touching tender parts of my heart. With the ones that of vast sky and profound power of the oceanic waves.

Taking each step forward carefully trusting the wisdom of the sages I long to feel your hand in mine.

Dr. Wangmo