Delicious human [Poem]

An African child waiting patiently
stood in front of an ice cream parlour
his Spanish friend stood on my other side
both deciding and choosing,

we were looking through the glass
at all the possible flavours
and more than a rainbow of colours
to delight the senses and the tastes.

Observing me with his mother’s eyes and sensing
the timeless innocence in both children
hearts in the moment embracing
patience, people, decisions

The unfolding of the present moment
Spanish cashier who stood waiting behind the counter
playfully watched our silent interaction,
wafers vs. crepes, cones vs. bowls,
spoons vs. sticks, choices waiting to be made

Karmic forces noticeable in life’s plain detail
Meditation emerging from breath
while the perceivable impact of culture
created heart of experience.

With definite decision in his voice a boy asked
for chocolate ice-cream.
Today this is his flavour
Today this was his choice

While he made this decision securely,
he gave his parent’s coin to the Spanish girl, behind the counter.

Her confirming smile, twinkle in her gesture of kindness,
clear and observant of the boys and this author.

I afforded the knowing of this boy’s very ancient spirit.
Is he more than a Shaman? Is he from the distant African Land?
His younger friend supporting,
confidently cherishing his brother’s choice
in his silent receiving of the chocolate ice cream.

With sensitivity and awareness
I made a decision before the boy paid,
that I will have to go with the white vanilla
Letting go of the familiar and known
longing of pistachio’s green tase.

A taste of dependence known for so long
alchemized into a taste of new
and independent and true moment
on the breath of this meditation.

This special ice cream parlour,
simple, clean with various choices of desserts
makes its products on the Island,
red, black, white swirl
in the Hispanic tradition.

To no astonishment
the meeting between the African
and the Canadian European Author
Was an ancient’s spirit decision
to experience the collaboration of two old souls
merged into the breath of meditation.

The ice cream are very important
the taste is important and the symbol it represents
the various resources of the fruits and ingredients
which bring final product so delicious and cooling to our mouths.

This sweet coolness and the experience alone
worth so much more than colour.
Carried on the breath of the meditation
in awareness of the nature of mind.

Humanity reaching for oneness.

Dr. Wangmo