At Dawn [Poem]

Shimmer shimmer where’s the glimmer
sun emerges, from the rain
rainbow arches over lakes
while the wet walk stains our shoes.

The earth is praying in colours and flowers
the breath you take in moist and rich
the forest pulsing with its vibrant life
frogs, grasshoppers, snakes and butterflies
on their way and in the direction of their desires.

the symphony of myriad little critters,
vibrates with her heart, unites with peaceful mind
Delicious dialogues and the conversations
to be had with the life of the forest

She listens; our Earth, she hears all our stories
our cries, our joys, pleads, hopes …
She knows how simple this all really is
She delivers the wisdom to us through her friends

You are this way for a reason.

Shimmer shimmer, the glimmer of light
Life welcomes relief from the pressure of night
the dawn that breaks the rain that passed
left everything wet and starving for more light

Ebb and flow of the nightly dances,
the weave of light and the tightness of branches
the wet trees bend their limbs
welcoming the day and each other
another moment to be embraced in the Earth’s morning.

Dr. Wangmo

Purple Rain Flower 08.22