Forget your bread [Poem]

Forget your bread my friends,
forget it,
remember the holy
revive it,
what lives in the lives of all?

The vibrant and creative
expression of our own Mercury
when the hidden and diminished
pains are denied.

while the bread you eat
nourishes you for a moment,
the bread of the Spirit
is infinitely fulfilling

The heart of yours
which is calling out in longing
needs to know how to find
its proper nourishment

Wellbeing on this earth
belongs to the people
who’s souls are fed
by the invisible bread.

The bread of the master
and the power of understanding
the connection and harmony
of holy taste at once realized.

Nourish your starved soul
on the proper food
and provide your naked
vivid awareness
the manna from Buddha’s bowl,

without fantasizing of death
and with reverence to life,
embracing the dying with your entire heart
the stench of death need not be with you.

The cries of the pained world
don’t serve anyone anymore
while you feed
with the glory of the Master
and his spirit the bread of life
are present always in our life.
You are looking now for your fulfilment.

You are already realized my friend
now you can easily give away your bread

My friend
give it away.