News Flash 18.07e

tara flags greenI haven’t done a news update in a while. I wanted to really make sure that besides poetry I drop in here and write a few more words for you.

until 2015 June, I could tell you with all certainty that I love and enjoy my life. It had its ups and downs and like a normal person I had to face my human challenges, yet with a month long trip to Corfu in June of 2015, my life turned into what I could call ‘the holy nightnamre’.

Something snapped, and spirits moved, the smell of the Riwo Sang incense and the sound of the bell in my hand remain. The mind must have exploded. The trees remained calmly moved by the wind as 6 months later I was looking out the window of my French apartment at the ocean thinking and remembering how much the french door design and chipping paint reminds me of that room in Corfu.

Corfu – Deva Premal visited exactly the same spot just one year later in Arillas.

Nearly during that time I was in the forests of the Amazon, again surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the hummingbirds and monkeys jumping around as well the non stop serenading of the myriad of jungle insects playing their hymns to the Holy Earth.

Ayahuasca, the secret and rapid evolutionary plant that lives and is born of this earth, resides in no other place than the Amazon jungle of Latin America.

This introduction serves as a gateway to the News Flash I am sharing with you.

I hope that it is calming you to know…

I can and I will write more poetry as I appreciate everyone who reads it and who likes is, Thank you everyone.

The poetry and this trenchant News Flash below are coming from the same well of insightful mother Ayahuasca. 

In my first book I revelled a glimpse of what Ayahuasca is, in a paragraph I clearly shared what this medicine does. Now my journey of Buddhism and life continues and for many reasons I did not share who were my teachers and community in the medicine. Reasons are many, mostly because here on Earth we are dealing with a lot of suffering and samsara is difficult to deal with. Ayahuasca is the fastest path to enlightenment and any spiritual realization on Earth. 

I am excited that now, as an emanation of a Tara waiting to be recognized and being as patient as I can, I am grateful to the teachers who support me and who are in the Buddha Dharma only. 

I could never overcome the adversities, pain and difficulties without the wisdom and power and healing and speed of Ayahuasca. I am very grateful to the Kagyu Lineage for supporting me, Sakya lineage and my master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, my Nyingma teacher Lama Tsultrim Allione as well as Gelugpa lamas from Rikon Monastery in Switzerland where I was able to gracefully complete my research and my PhD dissertation in Religious Studies.

I will continue to do these short updates on twitter for you and these little news updates. 

Dr. Wangmo