Love | evolve

Perhaps you saw or read about different kinds of love, about the love that is all about giving, or speaking kind words of praise, or love about touch or love about action… or any other kind of love.

May be you even wondered yourself what Love is really about.
I have to tell you for me Love is nothing more than an evolving into what matters for humanity and peace.

No I am not hurt or wounded, and I do not have my heart broken, I am not bitter, I am not eccentric and I am not lonely. In fact, opposite is true, I have many people around me, I have enough money to live on, I have a great husband and wonderful Tibetan masters teaching me and some really super friends.
So I wouldn’t consider myself and expert on Love, however definitely on personal evol’ution.

I have to tell you, Love will stop you from evolving and will force you into things you never thought of doing as a sane person. Love will take you through things that at the end of your life, you will consider your days wasted, mostly because you didn’t use common sense.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 5.50.04 PMPeople these days talk about heart and listening to heart, I was one of them, yet I see people acting insane not at all in line with proper moral or ethical conduct. Why do we have wars in the world, pornography, use and violence, fraud,deceit, greed, because people try to listen to their heart, instead of common sense and/or wisdom.

Instead we need to learn new things, like overcoming pride and arrogance, shame and guilt and gossiping and lying, because these things shrouded with a pinch of kindness are sold today and labeled as ‘love’ and I am certain that they most definitely hinder many people’s evolution.

While people try and find secret windows in their hearts and try to discover the language of love and try to practice listening to their hearts, bending their hearts, and massaging their hearts, I am laughing out loud and I listen to the natural mind that is present in it all. Rikpa.

When we are able to sit down even for 15 to 20 min in absolute emptiness; emerges afterwards throughout the day an incredible amount of insight and wisdom that otherwise would not be there. That is only the tip of this precious gift.
The natural mind brings about the compete obliteration of ignorance and natural spontaneously benefiting humanity wisdom emerges. Balance is restored.

Acumen and creativity are so inspiring that one would even consider sitting in a retreat for a long time. I did, with wonderful results. And I realize that for some a week long retreat is a long time, while for others it is not so long… and so we begin.

The journey to observing and noticing authentic love. Where is it? Is it really in a puppy, or a kitty, or your baby’s sweet face? Time Matters friends.
Love I have seen in the flower blossoming and in the rain falling down and in the lightening across the sky. Observing love is awe inspiring because it brings you closer to what is precious and authentic inside of you, instead of looking outside of your person all the time. Yet I notice all the time these fragile attachments and strings of aversion all pointing to the karmic seeds that are asking to be purified, and so we practice, and in the practice we find that place and space that is beyond all words and is a true Nirvana.

Once we understand what authentic Love is, once we understand the accumulation of merit for the purpose of clearing the obscurations once we occur ourselves with that we only can then go in the true direction of understanding death and live and then love is not something that we are looking for or trying to give or get but it is a becoming of our very presence.

Emptiness matters the most. As you will discover in your life your attachments and aversions are what you call love, yet no real love really is present there. I am sorry if that hurts your feelings, yet I can not tell you the value of true meditation and access to proper teachers, in Buddhism. We watch great masters die in incredibly elaborate ceremonies as they display their wisdom and compassion in dying with such powerful dignity and ability to reincarnate almost a moment later, they do understand humanity and that is love in action.

Attachment and desire serve very well on a path to enlightenment. as Liberation is what many seek through liberation much can be accomplished, enlightenment comes to us through lifetimes of practice.

Learning to detach and to observe in stillness and in honesty should only point one to practice, and to understand even more with curiosity and play – the nature of mind.

Don’t waster time anymore, Practice.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo