The ice that holds you tight [Poem]

Its been a while since I posted something fresh and new on my poetry blog. I have been moving and traveling and gathering new kinds of resources for my feminine journey and marriage. Here is a new poem, thank you for your attention and enjoy the read.

Scolding angry shame
Throws its cold paws into the heart and mind
Frozen forgetting takes place where emptiness resided.

Without compassion for misery I take the name of another
while the crowds who throw the wild parties
these of darkness and mayhem, laugh

I remember my own trust
I remain as a humble human being.

Resting in the impermanent nature of it all
I soften

I melt into the knowing of the eternal wheel of samsara
and I breathe into the ice that has tried to entrap me
in the coldest of the darkest places in my heart

I surrender and I let go

I hear some voices around me and I know
from remembering the paths that carried me
I reach into the Earths core

and I draw the hope of the feminine knowing
while the ice and the shame and the cold paws
it all disappears into emptiness

I am home, in Rikpa

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo