Kind people, I am untangled [Poem]

All my life I belonged to a man or to a family
My time and my energy were entwined in this way.

All my life I belonged to the land
that these people chose for me.
In all this time that has gone by
I now am free from the family and
in the transition to a different kinder man.

My heart now belongs to the Dharma
and so I find home in the rolling hills
of Switzerland where the Monasteries are many
and kind people, equally a lot.

I could live just about anywhere,

Tara, Prayer Flag

yet the choices are few
Stars determine for me a different land,
but not an auspicious choice
during this global state we have now.

So we pray for peace for all,
that the planet will rise to the heart
of Buddha and discover its innate compassion within,
while I still trust the Dharma that holds me strong.

The lands are many,
the waters are sweet and salty, cold and murky
and different in each place.
The constant thing that keeps me coming back
is this Buddha Dharma that whispers to me
in the language that my heart and mind understand.


Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo