Awareness from Mystic Heart [Poem]

In the living form of the body
reside the myriad of stories and veins
we move our stories and our veins
into the channel of inner transformation

in the realm of the physical being

farsi caligraphy
Farsi/Sufi Calligraphy/Heart Mysticism

while we celebrate the living of the awake
we recognize the suffering
and we move into the peace that helps
to bring all those with us again

and into the place of comfort and realization
into the place of awakening and grace
into the living Buddhas and into the Ones
who share the vision of peace with you,
You are the Dear Ones.

From the life that has brought you here
and from the weaving of karmic strings
The touch of the glorious sun
and the love that brought you whole

May all that is with us that is good
flourish and grow and expand
beyond the mental comprehensions,
The painful past and the painful finding
move in the waters of the balanced caves
for the healing that they need
and recognize that is available

we won’t be leaving anyone behind,

so we must reconnect with compassion that is inside
the infinite pool of the groundless emptiness
the return and going from beyond to beyond.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo