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The dark muck and feminine emptiness

There are many things in my life that upset me.
politics, wars, depravation, starving children, women being abused
poor education… it appears to be an endless mess of samsara…

It is a wheel of life and death that we can overcome with practice.

and we are all part of it, IT being the life that is moving us to awakening and enlightenment and that pushes us out of samsara and into Buddhahood.

Due to karmic reasons and circumstances we have the lives we do.
The ones who are better need to do something for those who are less fortunate.

That is normal, sane way of thinking.
It is not voluntary, it is natural and compassion is doing things that are natural and common sense.

Compassion is not something that you need to think about for a long time to understand it.
Someone calls you and needs help, if you are able to help and have the means you should.
That is what compassion is.

Life on the meditation cushion is like that too – you sit down and you never know what will happen. You may have a sitting that is filled with bliss and emptiness or you may have a day that is filled with the darkest stuff of yuck and muck.
This dark stuff of muck is begging for help from the luminous emptiness, and eventually disappear there. It only take time and patience and practice.

The dark-mucky-scary stuff does not change the condition of the Buddha Nature, that only shows what is coming up for purification. In many ways we are purifying our lives all the time.
We have opportunities to show up in service and with heart or to retreat into the hidden parts of the mind where we can remain in the darkness.

Padmasambhava said that it is great for a man to reach enlightenment but women have more potential and when a woman reaches enlightenment that is a great accomplishment.

Women naturally are more predisposed to emptiness. Due to biology, having a womb that is able to hold life and give brith. A temple for something to enter and exit. We live with emptiness for most of our lives, occasionally some of us have a child or more than one, we get to experience creation and fullness in a different way. Emotionally our bodies are wired for connectivity and receptivity and sensitivity more deeply than a body of a man.

This natural emptiness of the feminine allows us to be able to deal with many more things than men do, it does not make us stronger than men, or weaker, it makes us different and each gender shares their strengths with the other.

These differences need to be praised and respected because they are what allows for more grace and illumination to come through.

Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

Maria Aleksa Sonam Wangmo (she/Goddess) 🖋 my family name is Szewczyk. 🌴🦦🌴
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