I found [Poem]

I found
the golden rays and lines
in the magic of the dark queen.

I saw the instant of the moment’s passing
and all that was falling away at her feet.

In the grace of the prayer
and in the grace of the time
the sounds move the energy into emptiness

Where I used to be I no longer am
and the past reflection serves as a modern teaching,
from which time we come into this now,
and how did the presence cultivate me.

How and where did these mountains speak
and the Earth she has carried me here

I trust the wisdom that carries me
through and than back into the knowing
of existence of love in the trust,
in the holding of trust in the Dharma
and in the trusting of the presence
that speaks only of truth, that needs no defence.

In the wisdom and in the teaching of the Buddha
while the precious Sanghas around the world
speak and practice the luminous emptiness

Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo