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What is Holy Saturday and how is it connected to Buddhism?

Today in Christian tradition is Holy Saturday.

This is a day that it is said Jesus during his crucifixion laid his body in the tomb while his spirit traveled and descended into hell and brought salvation to many souls.

It is a day before his resurrection, a day before Easter.

Hell has so many meanings to so many people. In the church it is seen as a place of condemnation where we will go one day in the future if we are not good today.

In Buddhism the notion of karma speaks of our actions and things that we do and how they affect our reality and how these events then accumulate and either create more auspiciousness or more suffering.

As well we can engage in Karma purification to heal and transform negative obscurations from our lives.

The notion of Hell brings fear to many people and makes them act their best, but what if we already knew our best nature, our best face, and our peace that lives us; this we call Dzogchen, the unobscured face of reality, luminous and empty.

In the Buddhist holy scriptures there is a story of Holy Tara who was visiting the six realms:

God [Dheva] realm, Demi-God realm [Asuras], Hungry Ghost [Pretas], Hell Realms, Animal Realm, and Human realm

Zurich Reformative - 1Tara’s visit in Hell realms begun to transform everyone’s suffering into healing and her presence accumulated and transformed the Hell into God realm, the beings who were managing the hell realms had to politely ask her to leave so that the continuation of their work and karmic laws can be maintained in order.

This I can definitely relate to my visit into a woman’s shelter in Basel. I was speaking with a social worker there who just didn’t quite understand what I am doing in a shelter and without money. I had to explain to her my difficult situation and I had to hide the fact that I am doing research on feminine Spirituality.

My experience I will share in my upcoming book I will be publishing through Austin Inc.

The karma we have is what makes us who we are, as a Dzogchen teacher and an author and feminine spirituality teacher I am daily faced with reality of how compassion and kindness and heart and natural ways of living in harmony with land and people are what this planet really needs.

White Tara by H.H.17th Karmapa

I am only sad that I am one, that I wish there were more of me, to help more people. I know that as a single women I won’t have as big of an impact as I would like you. I would like to touch many lives in positive ways. My Spiritual work will continue and I hope that people understand their innate goodness that they poses in their hearts and minds.

May this Easter great you with amazing resurrection and may the spirit of the Holy Father and his many faces be with you forever.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Featured Image: Church in Zurich centre by author
Altar: Church in Zurich by author
White Tara: by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

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