Peace Ground [Poem]

After so many years of violence
one can find themselves facing again
a choice to fight or to stand grounded
in Peace

What does that mean to be in peace?
To walk in peace and to live in peace?

Many wonder.buddha garden

Peace has a face,
it is a Grandfather Spirit and
an eternal companion for some,
it is your own reflection
in the eyes of another soul.

It is an understanding of needing
and compassion that is born within each being
a knowing of trust that humanity still has
and a touch of the warmth that moves us all ahead
in this human journey, here on Earth

The Peace Ground is where you are,
the Peace Ground is what we all can create
the Peace Ground is the trusting heart
that there are possibilities all around
and tolerant, curious and kind people
in the walk of the expression of Life

We discover that life
has a breath of pauses and
if we are smart,
we will know how to rest
permanently in a pause and in peace

Stop the thinking and creating
and notice creativity arising
and the thoughts that were turbulent
go to rest, as they are absorbed into emptiness
in the Peace Ground.

So we can purify and sanctify and trust
that the grandfathers
do have the best for us in heart
that life does unfold
auspiciously for those who seek
to uncover the seeds of
Peace, and compassion
within their own Buddha Heart.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo