The Balance In [Poem]

The white light surrounds me
In the distance
I see the Full moon.
Prayers are steady and grounded
in the ancient wisdom of Tibet.

The meditations bring the balance to the mind
Heart trusts in the unfolding of grace.

The realization of what is transparent
and in the surrender to the feminine ways
many paths the feminine has shown me
some roads are closed and others are opening
and greet me with flowers and a home
and a comfortable bed.

The Dharma teaches of the ways of peace
in the harmonious resonance
and in the wisdom of the Earth
in the Sharing and Giving that mutually benefits
all sentient beings on Earth
and also in Heaven above,
so it is.

As the bells of the church connect me with time,
I find that time is the same in all religions
The bells of the Buddhist Prayers as well
Bring the time’s melodious auspicious changes.
The flow and the ebb of the transparencies
and Padmasambhava’s gentle touch above my head.

I thank you Holy Mystery for the grace that you share.

Rev. Dr. Sonam Wangmo