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Canary heat [Poem]

Too soon, not soon enough
too far, and not close enough
too near and over crossed
too true and very well deeply tragic

the places I have traveled
near and within
the universes were crossedCanary Islands
over the spaces I live
the waters that break on the waves
on the hills and the Earth
that carries me through it all

The hills, mountains and the gifts
out of the grace of the circumstance
I see the karmic unfolding in this dance.

When the rivers rise and the sun heals the skin
I recognize the feminine
in everything that moves me
and you and you as well

The Earth is crying and She takes what she can,
the breath that breaths me, it is the spacious healing
the presence of the Masters in the time like this
the Holy ground of the home
that is the moment’s insight
and full circle’s grace.

Too soon, not soon enough
too far, and not close enough
too near and cover crossed
too true and very kindly orchestrated
flowering of the awake feminine

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo
#KarmaKagyu #AtiGuruYoga

Inspired: Circumstances of canary islands and Buddha’s grace
Side Image: Tenerife, unknown photographer

Top image, author with a woman in Tenerife who purchased her book.

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