Not ever night [Poem]

Do you believe in your dreams?
The ones you have at night?
Do you believe the messages
they contain and how they
turn you inside out?
Sometimes not every night
these dreams just drop on by

on a quiet field, on a horse
and into the conversation they adore.sleeping Buddha

The dreams they come from so many
different dimensions
and you in the dream
need to remember it too,
it is not at all what you dream
but your attitude and alertness
to the details and to the scope.
Are you holding the vast view?

So she told me the Elder Shamana from Chile
that the dreams they are
the astral dimensions of the healer,
the wisdom there is weaved through
the times we do not recognize
yet here on Earth unless we are prepared
and know how, they do bear fruit.

So we can than say as above so below.
We can align the planes of existence
into the same Middle Path
that wants to express itself so clearly.

In the present moment and in every other way
you are called to reexamine
how you relate to the time and to the space
and when you know yourself within this place.
It is multidimensional,
your energy balances and mixes
with the time of the people
who have you deeply in their hearts.
Do you understand this?
Because you see not everyone
holds you deeply in their heart,
like I hold you in me.

Those who hold the Buddha Mind
Yours and mine and ours
the shape of Peace is like that,
to bring in the global understanding
of the compassionate love
that you already hold in your being,
Buddha Nature and the fresh wakeful mind
they are your home you cultivate
with awareness and the seeds
of this mystery bear beautiful fruits.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo