A world of Harmony [Poem]

Through these times of big changes
through the days of old dying
Emerges the time of a New Dawn
we stand at our own awakening.

For what we will do we don’t know
yet our abilities are strong within us.

Where we have been we knowin the light
and lessons are plenty
moving forward is the way of Compassion
it is a way of knowing and understanding.

While we are in this body
and while we have this time
opportunities are coming to
those who reach for the stars,

To those who understand that power
is a gift, that needs to be shared
and developed with care,
taught to use properly
to benefit all
So here we are,

Once again in this story
changing our walk in a new way
for the benefit of all and in
benefiting the planet

Compassionate Understanding Love wins
Healing and transforming, living in Peace
I see a world of Harmony

Teaching and awakening
to walk in One Compassion
Bringing graceful creations into manifestation
for living in natural mind brings in much more
possibilities than you know.
I rest in Rikpa, and I trust there.

Changing perspectives and points of view
allows us all to see everything through
into One Heart, and into Love
For one and for all.
Harmoniously auspicious beginning I see

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

Image: author unknown