Publishing world, next journey

I have a new proposal/contract to write my next solo book. 

I am very happy about it. I enjoy writing and collaborating in this way. The creative process is amazing and brings forward many rewording conversations with the intention to benefit many lives.

The first book taught me so much that the next one will be a delightful process. The first book was not easy, the circumstances were extremely challenging for me and I was in a discovery process of a dysfunctional community and leaving it while deeply devoted to my Buddhist practice.  I wrote this book from the space of brilliant love that lives in forms of Dakinis to honour the past that brought me closer to Buddhism and understanding the 4 Noble Truths. I walked away with a direct knowing of what real love is, and that knowing and understanding one’s own mind is the key to enlightenment and positive life.

I continue to inspire feminine realization in ways I can. I help women in many walks of life to connect with Buddhist Dharma.

I feel is essential in today’s world to cultivate not only awareness and practice but to become actively involved in shaping a world that is based on values of ethics and compassion.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]The first book is on Resilience through Yoga and Meditation. The forward to the Resilience book is written by a medical doctor, Dr. Andrea Pennington who also is a Buddhist. The forward is validating the scientific research on benefits of meditation.

It is a year since the first book was published. It made it to 2nd place on Amazon. In the publishing world that is an achievement and still with how the book is developed we can become a bestseller. 😉

I have been grieving the extremely difficult circumstances around this book and finally today came out of that process.

The teachings I provided are current.  I was writing that book with an intention to bring further feminine realization and to show women how to overcome the limiting beliefs about family trauma and abuse. My grief was real. I bow to the Three Jewels.

I will continue to do my work for humanity’s benefit.  It is now a tiny wheel of dharma and liberation in that samsaric existence. I hope it leads women into practice and realization.
It needs to be a celebration of completeness and an ability of spreading the dharma under difficult conditions.

Here is a quote from the book, and you can get yourself a copy in my online store.

I find that in today’s culture women need to take a firmer stand on what we believe and are here to offer. We no longer need anyone’s approval; this is our life and our heroine’s journey, each one valid and each one equally important. From the yoga of my life to the yoga of nursing to the yoga of a highly intense shamanic path in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes to the yoga of coaching and deeply embodying my feminine, I came to realize that all of this yoga is governed by one thing: my mind. My internal yoga and the internal asana I take with the world is much more influential than any other physical pose that I will take.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo