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Teacher’s Samsara [Poem]

In the endless possibilities
that can emerge from the universe
are the places where we all can get stuck within
the limit of lack of understanding of our mind,
the boundary is not the essence

The stuckness fades away by itself again

when we are able to realize that it is there
Into the vastness of luminous emptiness.

The awareness that we cultivate on the cushion
moves us into the practice of living
in the moments of direct experience and some pressure
we create more opportunities for Rikpa

…for us to enter and be present with the natural mind
and to cultivate the peace that is found, obviously there.

The teachers role than again and again
is to find unlimited ways
to point the student in the same direction
and have them realize that for themselves.

The unique strategy of karmic connections
and the perfect trust in the intuitive knowing,
the comfort that comes from trusting the Master
and the natural faith that needs no defence
are the essence of Guru Yoga.

While the repetition can be mundane
the knowing is that it unfolds like this

you go out into the world refreshed
and often times you forget quickly who you are,
you return then back, to the teacher you see
and yet again the samsara reminds us both
that I need to teach you many things
and that you need to practice my friend everyday.

The practice lessens the grip of condition
and of the mental obscurations
so that you can grasp for a moment the natural mind.

Once you have rested in the depth of peace
you will quickly realize it is the best place
and reach there yourself as many times as you can,
while life can really still go on its way.

The further you go to clearly bring samsara to its knees
the more you will see it around you and in what you do
the fear of it will not frighten you at all
you will understand your ultimate goal.

Things are unfinished you see, until we are all
on the same level and comfortable
with living in harmonious peace,
until then and even after the perfect hierarchy
of the enlightened masters
and Holy women will point the way.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

Tilopa, founder of Kagyu

Image from unsplash

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

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