Padma Family [Poem]

Our very existence beckons us to see
that there is really something to uncover in this presence
we need to really be able to notice the essence
and move into the clear vajra dance

This Red Dakini that comes to me and speaks to my heart
in symbols and in colours and in warmth of the night
in the cozy fire that burns so bright
I see now how it lets me to do the things I want

This Padma family lets me be whole in the artistic path
Discriminative Awareness Wisdom arising
from the shifted sands of time
I grow in feeling my way into Loving Oneness
I turn to the West and I can feel the turning
of direction’s wisdom into my heart.

I see now how we need to understand the mind,
and the patterns we carry and the beliefs we have
changing the karmic conditions into new seeds of compassion
how we need to understand the grace of it all with clarity
and how clearly you and I are meant to be this way
untangled and independently growing.

Practicing the Dharma and walking middle path
recognizing subtleties and the elemental grace
these things that few really understand
and the tender touch of grace that covers the leaves
on the grassy Earth when the winds blow harder than expected.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo