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River’s expression [Poem]

The ways of love are many it seems
and yet somewhere deep in the heart we know
that love really knows itself first
and it knows well right from wrong.

Love is so clear on the winds that bring change
I can see it in the Pachamama ways
It is in the temple of the Moon and in the gaze
of the rays of Taita Inti’s play in our universe.

The river’s rapids show the flow
of the feminine held firmly within her bounds
contained power between firm river banks.

Moving and changing, sounding and healing
With her freshness, and wetness and her flow
so unified in forceful expression
water so soft and gentle in the cool
far reaching drizzle.
She gives the image of feminine freedom.

So much of this and is such a powerful reflection
like the moon’s face in a calm lake.
The feminine waters within our bodies,
Flowing and mixing and transforming,
healing and mending, always merging
striking their limits with their natural flow
and pushing against them,
yet never able to overstep.
Not so soon, and with time and diligence and patience
able to even shape a stone.

This river that flows so deep and wide
in my heart it carries me,
to distant lands within
Shaping the destiny of the compassionate way
that is patient wild free and affirming.

This being and living in harmony, honesty
and blissful knowing of One compassionate Love.
Understanding the inner working of the heart
as well as extending that to our relations
with trust in the Buddhas that guide the path.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo

By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

Maria Aleksa Sonam Wangmo (she/Goddess) 🖋 my family name is Szewczyk. 🌴🦦🌴
I am weird. I believe in nature & nurture. I am an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor. I have a husband Loten Dahortsang. I have a daughter Kata.
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I have a mandala.
I have Big Love in my life. I have children.
Chocolate is my friend. We are teachers. Chocolate has much to teach.
We love to help people. 🧉

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I am an Author. ☮️ to people.
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