It takes courage [Poem & Audio]

In the secret places inside me
you hide, this love and this surprise
of the things I still don’t understand
and of the things that I know so well.

The living of life that is such a treasure
the beauty of it all its experiencing
the incredible Love that weaves us all
I find myself astounded at this incredible
measure that it takes to breathe once more.

For coming to birth and coming to living,

Tibetan Book of the Dead
By His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama Click this link to listen to a 2 hour audiobook by Richard Gere

It takes courage and commitment beyond
the mental capacities and doubtful thinking,
the simple design of perfection
Essence of Guru Dheva & Dakini
are the three jewels: Buddha Dharma and Sangha.

They point everyone towards the four immeasurable
creating the lasting love, equanimity,
joy and compassion for all sentient beings

For when we realize our divinity,
The seemingly unmeasurable story of this form
we can glance over the history of what has gone by
and realize the suffering that is part of it all.

The circumstances have weaved everything in such way to teach and guide you into the essence of things.
Into the perfection of the cloudless blue sky
where there is presence and time and connection
and no schemes and no games.
That is realization.

In the Heart of compassion and when we know the
distance that we had to travel to get here,
When we know that there is a life in the way of Peace
We know that our ancestry can be restored,
back to the distant lands of Zhangzhung.

In the way of Luminosity and
in the way of Oneness
that helps all beings live well
In the Noble healing
and in the four Noble Truths
We find our hearts united once more

Life gives us opportunities beyond measure
if we touch on the light of suppleness
trusting the pulse of the moment.

Listening to the guidance of Masters
and Arhats that speak from direct experience.
The space that they open within us
is immense gratitude for their endless giving
and pointing us tirelessly into the essence of all things.
Knowing your heart and knowing your unique path
are the ways of One Love
It is where we are all going.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Audiobook)- narrated by Richard Gere 2008.
The Bardo Thodol – Tibetan: བར་དོ་ཐོས་གྲོལ