The way of Prajñaparamita [Poem]

In The Name of Prajñaparamita (The Great Mother)
In this pain of letting go
in this unsustained heart
In this complexity of Life
and unexpected disharmony.

In this Love that wants to live
and express itself true
in the opening and falling
and the grace of us two, and three
and millions more.

Love has ways to bring us lightPrajnaparamita
beyond what we can imagine
the clear connection in the Source
of compassion and Heart.

Mystical dancing of the grace and
the power of Living
the Wisdom of the Buddhas is such
that their prominent compassion
In the century dedicated to Love
knows no bounds.

Integrity leads the way and such
miracles are possible
without dying or killing
we can really find a way.

To Live In One Heart and in this transition
To Live in One Love and in the kindness
of the Power of Wisdom and Integration
Where the healing comes and there is Grace.

For Love in Oneness, really lived is understanding
much more than your mind,
it is knowing that there is harmony
internally sustained from the Peaceful Place
The sharing of space with the means of Love.

While helping each-other study life
The Inner Garden
The Holy Way,
the Blissful Moments
In The Name of Prajñaparamita

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo