Ethics in the Age of Compassion [Discussion]

[Topic 1] This is a new section where I will be posting different topics for discussion & reflection. Creating a more peaceful world and more compassionate connections. The topics will be in quote form from the book by His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium. Below are the questions for the community. You can answer one or all of the questions.

Join in the conversation & dialog, share your reflections, comments and questions.

Ethics in the age of compassion
“Lack of contentment—which really comes down to greed—sows the seed of envy and aggressive competitiveness, and leads to a culture of excessive materialism. The negative atmosphere this creates becomes the context for all kinds of social ills which bring suffering to all members of that community.”  – H.H. 14th Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium

  1. What does contentment feel like to you? What are the tangible qualities in your life of contentment?
  2. How have you experienced competitiveness in life? What are your personal insights about it?
  3. How do you view materialism? How do you see this impacting our planet and environment?
  4. What community challenges have you faced in your life?


Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo