Aloneness [Poem]

I found you here in your aloneness
in your space where you like to hide
in reality and in touch with what is,
out of the game and in the presence
of this Heart, that still wants to beat

and say what it needs to say
to let go and to forgive,
and to move on with new grace.

In the lands that are distant and well
in the things that are good and Holy
in the living that is meant for the grace
to shine through and to move us on

For the Blood of the Earth is so strong,
if you only can allow yourself to imagine
that this medicine has so many ties
we will never understand its magic.

I took a long pause, and here I am again.

Praying to the White Buffalo Spiritwhite buffalo
praying to the tobacco to bring its vision
to life, and direct the mystery of the heart
so the Blood of the Earth hears our call
so we can heal and transform the inner war

the One Heart can rise again
and the shimmer of light that I see
I know it is the light of you and me
in the distance we walked I recognize you

I see you my friend in this way
what has been we need to put to rest
and what will be only the way will show again

So I trust in the Ancestor’s guidance
in the Mountains so high and so strong,
those Abuelos that have seen so much more
than you and I will ever know.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

Art: Carol Cavalaris