Innocent are known [Poem]

The innocent are known,

for their simply ways
their truth in the eyes
and the wisdom they hold

The Holy woman sees things this waycooked rice
the Innocent are the ones
who will lead the way.

The innocent are speaking
in the subtlest ways
in the ways of the Dharma
and in the ways of grace

The innocent trust the Buddha
and the Sangha
and the innocent realize
the luminous essence.

The innocent will stand
against the injustice and hatred
against the tortures and pain of this world.

The innocent are not rebels,
although they still might have to deal with anger
the innocent relinquished the violent fight.

The innocent deeply realize the samsara’s nature
and know the distance it takes to walk
out of the wheel of pain and suffering
and into the compassionate heart.

Blameless, truthful, honourable
is the path of the innocence
without the game,
without the perversions of the mind

Faultless and pure they maintain their vows
and recognize the totality of what is asked of them.

Incorrupt is the essence of an innocent woman,
and recognition of the deep compassionate core value.

The innocent are seen by all who meet them
the innocent are known and respected.
The innocent will teach how to walk the distance
to those who are still locked in their minds

The innocent know and realize the walk of peace
The innocent know and realize the way of compassion
The innocent are not stupid or naive,
they may be your big lesson

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

Image: author unknown
Inspired by two French women