This Womb [Poem]

This Womb
From a womb you see and I can give birth
And not only to a child but to a whole lot more
Beyond your imaging and even beyond mine
But why my friend you see,
One womb is only so big
as the other wombs in its vicinity

For the magnetic force that resides
within the Earth 
teaches to share
and prosper in natural ways
When we take from many and give back to a few

this is not quite the standard that I was looking to.
womb plants

I see the stars beyond guide the Holy ways
And the money to many means healthier ways,
This means education in the use of our resource
Proper distribution and healthier management
So that all can live long and offer their gifts
While our children learn in better ways.

When we use the force we have within for good
Only Love can win and feed more too
For the hunger you feel is not quite about the food,

It is your lost soul screaming out to you

Saying, will you finally take me in your arms
And see the love I am beyond the face of time
This twist of fate and this understanding,

brings the holy waters of Earth’s blood to receive

All our wisdom within the universe
while connected 
to the infinity of possibilities to emerge.

While I teach these ways in my living temple
Know that you as well have more in you to give

Once you know the heart, the way of One Love

With or without womb you will understand

For all sentient beings beat the Love of One
You only need to awaken to your Holy Heart.
Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo
Image: Print Uterus Poster by MathildeCinqMars