At the door of Death [Poem]

My Deepest Fear
My love,
When I look into your eyes I wonder
What is it that you look into inside me
Where is your gaze hooked upon
and in what ways you find your own.
How you connect with this heart and when
Do you know to let go and to what?
For the love we share is far from a space
and time we both know.
Here in this plane it will never bewoman's hands in prayer Tibet
And on this earth not understood
When the condor dances with snake
I see the eyes of the puma in you.
I bowed to The Death in us last night
Saying my prayers one last time
To teach you a lesson you will understand
when surrenders one final touch comes your way
For the way of the snake teaches like this
To know they self in this Mystery
When Death comes knocking on your door
Nowhere to hide, plead, or tell stories
Your presence and your wondering ways,
Your imagining and your illusion’s veils
No one will bargain in this ways when Death
Comes in her way.
The Darkest sister we will know,
don’t ever stir her unknown
Don’t ever invite her in before her time,
Her ways are understood by few.
Over the spaces of life we tune
into what we believe to be important
Into the heart and into grace
to enter a portal of One Way.
While we all do it and while we all feel it,
While we all touch it and want more of it
When Death comes unexpectedly,
you must surrender to the unknown
For she is a portal, a gate, a transition
Without opinions and without your default ways
She does not judge nor complement you
Neither she cares who you love
For her time is her time and your times
makes no difference
and this I know
Deeply makes you sad.
It is like walking through the eye of a needle
For while we still can play a game here
In the way of the passage there is no escape.
Ancient wisdom teaches us much
on how to prepare and how to go
To a timeless dimension into unknown
Into what we all will one day face.
There is a resting, unlike no other
dropping into something unfamiliarly known
deep trusting and letting into
space that has always been there
grasping that has no bottom
and a holding that pulls you closer
Into a space from within your own being
into a way that you hold within
Into something deeply holy
That is uncorrupted by any, and by all
Invisible and present always
Real and untouched
Hidden for most
I bow to you Death,
please stay at bay with all respect
For no-one really knows of your ways
You are no anger and no Love
You are empty and are misunderstood
For you take, there is no exchange
You cut the cords that hold everything
And bring a timeless place of silence
You yourself make no noise
And dance this way upon me
I feel the beating heart in me
Feeling my ways and giving thanks
For while what I do, does not concern you
I know you understand the Buddhas ways
and the Masters know how to tame you.
The open door you hold is big
The Buddhist wisdom knows this well
And trusts the timing of your arrival
Knows how to shift you out of your place
and dance our way into a light
You open gates into the luminosity
Of the land of Pure Bliss
With wrathful, peaceful and joyful deities
you merge and converge in a familiar way.
I hear the spirit of Shekinah calling
As I stand on this threshold
Here is the fertile land and soil
Here are the teachings, and our meeting
Here I can bring the wisdom of old
And integrate it into One teaching
Respect the traditions of the ones you don’t know
For wisdom of ancient it all holds
While some corruption happened in wake
Know that the Heart Heals itself
Know that the Mind can rest in Peace
And that the Peaceful ways are possible
For this is not our eternal home
This is a meeting place for all
Where we all go
I will not tell you
For your work here must be done
You have to figure out your way
And know that it all starts and ends with the Three Jewels.
In our heart we hold divinity and access
to more than you can even imagine
Once you trust the heart you resonate and change
the ground of your frequency.
The wisdom of presence is the only way
Into the moment and its grace
Into the essence of understanding
into the Masterfully prepared meditation.
For you can run my friend, you know
But then again, you can always rest
In the compassion that fills your heart and mine
And in the Love that can heal all
In the space beyond the time
The Shekinah comes and go
They open this mystical passage upon asking
For those who have cultivated practice
And know and teach of ways you will understand
So one and all can awaken I this way
The Buddhas know and guide this precious wisdom
The Mystery likes for you to believe her
While I see you and I wink at you
Know that this play will end some day
Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo
Image: Bhutanese woman praying – unknown author