Not an Illusion [Poem]

Clarity is not an illusion
when heart is open and free
we realize our being by integrity
of what is present here

in the midst of retreat and inner chaos
in the midst of the falling trees
we can always find something still
and that stillness can set us free

This is why we need to move ononionn flower
over the challenges and difficult feelings
over the turbulences of heart and hurts
over the stories and their endings

This is why there is little forgiveness
there is really nothing to say
people sometimes don’t know how to show up
but they show up anyway

in the coldness of their manner
and in the silence of the emptiness
in the high throne they are guarding
and in the present wakeful answer
that is clear

It is so simple to realize that Love
is present here and now
and the circumstances have changed
but the feeling is always One.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo


Image: Nodding Onionn Flowers ~ “In the Sunlight” by Jean-Luc Renouil