Surrender to Dharma [Poem]

Oh The Buddhas!

They tell me such things I tell you
I wake up in laughter at the discussion
that seems endless and laced with so many teachings
I bow.

Sometimes appearances manifest
in a way that is hard to understand
even a lot of practice can not prepare
one for the grace of unexpected
joy and pleasure
and good lifebuddhas in a row

Just surrender to my way
I am telling you now,
everything will be okay

The feminine Power is such a Mystery
you will never uncover just what you wish,
you may get more than you know
if you just accept the very thing
That you already are that which you seek

I chose to go the Noble Lady Tara way
She showed me her kindness and grace
in splendid ways
I trust that women will understand
the teachings that are coming in the modern day.

For the Buddhas keep their guiding eye
and as we are all embracing the idea of awakening
responsibility blossoms simultaneously
with practice.

So practice with dedication my sisters
and surrender at the feet of the feminine altar that you trust,
Saraswati is my guide and so are other feminine maps
for it is the new dawn and a new beginning
and a transition into the land of Dakini

The interior palace of grace and love
the empty space that you can rest in, very nice.
The intimacy of the heart knows of no bounds
and the heart has no limits that you can touch.

The medicine in us is strong you see and so
we lift the knowing that everything is as it should be
although it may seem difficult to integrate
the Great Goddess Tara really knows her way.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

Image: unknown author