Middle path, for now [Poem]

For Now,
This is how high we are, you and I
Luminous are our ways in the Heart
So many times we have done it before
and so many times we will again.
For what you feel and what you sense
your mind will not believe
In the essence of the One direct experience is the way.
The Buddhas have us in their care pointing the way
For while we are battling the challenges of life
we know and realize that this is not the end.
Where you decided to abandon your own seat of compassion
the inner reflection of the mirror points me deeper in that direction
For while I have the heart of Love and while I know my ways of Earth
I trust the Spirit guides us well beyond the ordinary mind.
In Time and Trust,
devoted ways are living through me in this Faith.
This is the beginning of higher transformation
into the endless vastness of creation.
For what was, will be forever more
remembered in the Heart of this Mystery
that Love is the only answer there will be
for you and me and for everything.
May the Holy Middle Path continue guiding lives
of all of us, While the Buddhas hold the Mystery
they are walking in this Way.
Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo