Harvested soil [Poem]

Subtle gestures of tenderness
open the heart of wisdom
within each one of us
for the merits of these consequences
unfolds from beyond what we can conceive of
in the grace of the miracles of the sacred Mystery
the natural compassion
will arise when we least expect it
it is the soil on which we plant
our seeds
From the karmic conditions
sprouts the miracle of what we truly are
when the times are passing by
and when there is nothing to turn into
may the grace of the moment’s compassionate
embrace be with you
The essence of the miracle of these subtleties
are the very things that you will discover
as you learn and practice the Dharma
in her many sublime ways
The methods are ancient and timeless
and while we know that the hour is upon us
we Trust the grace of what is moving through us
This way and with the Buddhas guidance
we relinquish holding onto the past,
while remembering well
the soil that we have harvested.
Fruits of this practice birth
only the best in each one of us
The Green Tara stays with us
to keep things in balance.
Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo