Bön Buddhism Poetry

Dakini’s Laugh [Poem]

I laugh the Dakini’s laugh
it scares me sometimes you see
she takes over unexpectedly
and then I have to just trust her

What a force of nature, you are
I can not even say in words to find
someone like this, one in a million
and so many more are coming like her

To fill this space of transformation
with grace and positivity.
Empty space has no energy
it has no intention it in,
it is there to show itself
from the imagination of being

So here I am telling you again
you can meet me if you want
I will be nice I will be coy
and I already know my own ploy

So better know that I already know
and I know that you do too
I love you so much, Dakini style
and Love knows of no bounds.

This body lives strong, although it is weak,
support is needed and I laugh at this feat
that is a design of a humorous game
of a chase of a Dakini into her rein

But she knows well that this game
also holds some responsibility
and maybe she will play this role
once she’s allowed to do what she wants

Visions emerge from the space of laughter
with insights that no one could believe
A floating lotus, and many colors
I trust that you know what it means.

Dakini needs her spontaneity
creativity and some liberty
Few nice things to wear she likes
a nice man, and in the modern times
a new teaching to share with the world
Peace is possible and while I laugh out loud
Everyone is on board.

I stomp my feet, my leg is whole
I see the scars, I speak of it no more
I shake my head at this adventure
I must liberate her

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo


By Maria Aleksa Szewczyk

Maria Aleksa Sonam Wangmo (she/Goddess) 🖋 my family name is Szewczyk. 🌴🦦🌴
I am weird. I believe in nature & nurture. I am an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor. I have a husband Loten Dahortsang. I have a daughter Kata.
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I have a mandala.
I have Big Love in my life. I have children.
Chocolate is my friend. We are teachers. Chocolate has much to teach.
We love to help people. 🧉

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I am an Author. ☮️ to people.
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